Objectives of the ISF

The main objective of the ISF is export promotion and export development of steel and steel intensive construction and pressure equipment by local and global collaboration.

The main methodology of operation is by developing and maintaining relationships with main contractors and engineering companies globally and offering products and services to participate as contractors or sub-contractors of projects whether as individual or joint-venture suppliers.

This methodology offers clients the choice to select a single supplier or, if fast-tracking is required, to contract a number of suppliers either directly or via a lead supplier. 

To ensure on time and quality delivery, ISF mill, merchant, intermediate as well as project insurers/guarantor members are involved from day one in any enquiry.

The ISF and its members also maintain their network of similar and other suppliers in many countries, especially Africa, to maximise the use of local capabilities where required; this being a typical requirement of all countries in the developing world.

The ISF is also a supporter of “Team Southern Africa Inc.” principles and thus collaborates with many local and regional industry associations, Chambers of Commerce, Governmental departments, Development Agencies, financiers, etc. and a strong founder supporter of the “Maximising African content in African Projects” philosophy.

ETGEC Membership

In line with the Object of the ISF stated above, the ISF is a founder member of the Engineering and Technology Grouping of Export Councils (ETGEC) that includes the following registered Export Councils:

– The ISF

– The South African Capital Equipment Export Council

– The South African Electro-technical Export Council

– The Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa

– The African Rail Industry Association

In addition to working together on projects where required, the grouping also functions locally, regionally and globally as a policy advising and development agency to fulfil the ETGEC’s official motto “Maximising African content in African Projects”.

The ISF maintains excellent relationships with its Governmental partner, the dtic as well as its foreign offices. The ISF assists with introductions of members to South African missions such as Embassies around the globe where assistance or advice is required.

Management Board

Get to know our management board who have been selected to ensure experienced leadership and knowledge of the international markets.

ISF Value Proposition

As the ISF mainly operate in the bespoke project construction markets, the value proposition of the ISF will vary from member to member and project to project.