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Team Exports South Africa (TESA)

The ISF is a founding member of Team Exports South Africa (TESA).

TESA has been developed as the main formal export promotion and development grouping in South Africa.

As the only Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), organised by the industrial sector and focusing exclusively on exports from South Africa, TESA offers both the exporter and the foreign buyer an excellent entry point and advisory service. The members of TESA operate as a close-knit team and a call to one of the members will ensure that the enquirer is immediately referred to the responsible person to assist.

Participating bodies can be broadly categorised in four groupings:

- Engineering and Technology
- Argricultural
- Livestyle
- Government; (and in particular the Department of Trade and Industry, officially also known as “the dti”)

Two types of industrial bodies are active within TESA, i.e. Export Councils and Associations.

the dti promotes the formation of industry-based export councils. In partnership with the dti, twenty export councils have been formed to date.

Some associations prefer to not form an official PPP with the dti in the form of an Export Council, but still benefit from taking part in the platform created by TESA.

the dti‘s major local developmental and promotional export activities are further strengthened by a large number of Foreign Economic Representatives (FERs) and Marketing Officers placed strategically around the world at South Africa's Embassies and High Commissions. Click here for a complete list of South Africa's foreign offices.

The ISF has been in existence as an export promotion agency for structural steel long before the development of TESA. When TESA was formed, the members of the ISF immediately realised the benefits of not operating in isolation. The excellent history created by the partnerships that followed with the dti and other industry sectors, is living prove of the benefits of horizontal economic collaboration within a region.

A complete list of participating export councils and associations can be found on the dti's website.

The dti's website also contain details on their export programs, incentives and activities. Click here to enter the dti website.

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